Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Bacall thinks purpose of this style of Spanx is to lift the bottom. It would also allow natural jiggle so important when wearing a clingy dress for a gal who wants to flirt. Also handy for pinching. I see it as an invitation to spank. So what is the real reason for the exposure?


I still have not located a retail source for these. Anyone?


Monday, October 20, 2014

Paddled In The Principal’s Office

Needed a post. This title will catch eyeballs for years as all you perv’s search for such. I am not after “hits”, but I don’t mind them either.

I don’t even try to write stories anymore. But I do like plots and you can make up your own words.

This one came to me from some chats I have had with a woman who was paddled in school and likes to play it out as an adult.

You “wake up” in the principal’s office. He looks and acts just like you always wanted. The paddle burns more than you remembered. Getting on the bare does sting more. You “wake up” again and there is your picture on the TV and the announcer saying “Helen Gardner paid off an old debt today in Principal’s Koffman’s office with a dozen paddle licks. Interviewed by our Jan Michael’s, Helen said she glad to not have this hanging over her head any longer. She added she would be sitting gingerly for a day or so."

school room 

Today’s picture is of blogger that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

What We Like About Paddling

This rambling post came about from multiple inspirations. First, Ronnie asked what others liked about spanking. This is what I posted to her blog.

We like the anticipation, the teasing reminders that can go on for minutes, hours or days before. Dressing for a paddling - putting on special clothes, underwear just for the event. Discussing which toys will be used. Perhaps a walk to the wood shed. The white hot sting. Getting so revved up you ravish each other.

That explains what we like, but does not explain how we get there. That’s what I attempt in this post. Well, for myself at least. I will let Bacall write her own account. She is much less complicated than I am. That will have to wait until she gets her cast off.

I Like My Paddler’s Smiling

When I paddle, I am happy. The harder I paddle the bigger the grin I have. When the paddle cracks and she grips the bedspread and squeezes hard while her breath escapes, then pushes her bottom right back out for the next lick I am happy. I am giving her what she wants and I am enjoying every second of it. Simply put, I enjoy making it good for her. The more she likes what I am giving, the more I like giving it. Is that sadistic?

Likewise, I like my spankers to enjoy putting the wood to me. I want them eager and enthusiastic. I want them to make me squirm and be damn happy when they do.

I like to see women holding the paddle they are going to use on me. [I also like to see them holding the paddle I am going to use on them]


Punishment Or Discipline Are Turn-offs For Me

So I do not want to be scolded. My ideal spanker is one who is gleefully sadistic. One who smiles and tells me that she is going to burn my bottom up and then proceeds to do just that. She takes pride in hearing the paddle crack forcefully squarely across the fullness of my bottom. She does not flinch when I react to the pain She is firm and ensures the session is business like. But she also has a sense of humor. It's breathtaking to hear her to tell me to assume a novel position or not to move until she tells me I can.

My Oddity - Processing The Sting

I am really odd. I can not access sub space. After two dozen or so licks, I get numb and the licks do not sting at all. They are just a dull thud. Boring. What I like is about 20 well laid on paddle licks. Each bright white hot lick goes right through me and lodges itself in my erect self.

No OTK For Me, Thanks

While OTK is the preferred position for both men and women, it’s not for us. Bacall likes to put her knees on a couch and rest her arms and head on the back of the couch. I am happy to lean over a bed with my elbows on the mattress. [Other favored positions include, assuming the position, hands on the wall, bending over a desk, bench or chair, the Down Dog lotus position and knees and head on the floor with her standing over me]

fm173 fm271

OTK is difficult for me, because in my mind when my erection is pressed against legs or anything else, it will go soft quickly. I think it works just the opposite for other men. Also, when Bacall has me OTK, she likes to paddle hard and fast and it over powers me. It’s really like punishment.

Simpatico - Paddling Is Sexy

I am going to talk about the elephant in room. I was chatting with a young lady about spanking. We are of like minds, simpatico, in how we view spanking. That is it’s sexy, that it feels good, that we don’t need to act out to be spanked and we both switch. [No thoughts of meeting her as she is younger than our daughter and lives a country away from us]

I volunteered that I could not enjoy a spanking if I did not have an erection. Without a boner it would be pain. Somehow the sexual excitement converts the pain to pleasure. I am a hedonist. I want pleasure.

This presents a little problem. I am old school. I consider it crude to display one’s wiener, unless it’s a) for consensual sex or b) a spanking where the woman is comfortable with it because she knows the man is excited by the upcoming spanking and is that the man is not expecting a).

She said she was always took an erection as a compliment, not as a expectation. Good on her.

fme019The way I take it 

A woman that enjoys this type of spanking and with this mindset is rare. I will call it my ideal spanking encounter with a woman other than my wife. I would not exclude Bacall, in fact it would be even better with her there.

Dressing For Play

I like to dress for a spanking and I expect the spanker to do likewise.

I am a panty freak. I like to wear panties or panty girdles. No other feminine attire. I like it best when we are both in matching panties or panty girdles. Getting dressed a little before play starts builds anticipation.

panties couple04 bogey and bacall Christmas


I want some preliminary conversation. Some time talking about what we are about to do. At some point, I want for her to show me the paddle she is going to use – to hold it in her hand, smiling, as she describes how she is going to paddle me. This would also be good time to divest clothing. She would have me take off everything but my panties. Now she can see what effect the setting is having on me. I would want her to shed some clothes, but not everything.

 fm013 fm231



By this time, I should ready to bend over and take my licks.


The batten on my legs once a month is about right. When used on the front of my legs, I like to be told to keep my hands on my head and to raise my leg up for each lick. When my legs are stinging, then it’s time for the paddling.

A few times a year, Bacall likes to use our red paddle applied the way she likes to use it – OTK hard and fast. I try to stay in position, but usually can not.

toys paddles - ours

Our Principal’s and Teacher’s paddles are always good choices. The heavier Principal’s is used first to give a deep burn that will be felt hours later. The Teacher’s paddle stings the skin and is really hard to take because of the top burn it gives.

toys paddles - mine

 Summary - What Makes It Work For Me

1) The top's demeanor. "Professional" and cordial. I am going to light your bottom up, I am going to enjoy doing it and I see no reason to project anything other than delight while I attend to you. Being gleefully sadistic would describe it.

2) Appearance. Most any outfit works for me. What would not work would be very casual attire such as sweat pants. A skirt is good. A glimpse of stocking tops is great. Lingerie is even better. I admit the clicking of heels on a hard floor adds excitement. Nudity is not a turn on.

3) Words. The discussion of what is to come, the order to assume a position, etc. It’s the speaking to the mind that makes up most of what is going on.

4) You take charge and remove my pants and panties. This is a good time to tease me about the paddling, to teasingly rub me.

5) I should be told what position to assume for the paddle. In a bent over position please. OTK is punishment to me. Over a low table, a chair, a desk, a bed, on my knees. Heck anything, but OTK.

6) I want it short and sweet. No warm-up and all on the bare bottom. Not that many licks, but hard ones, with serious paddles that push me. All licks should be given full force with a few seconds between them so I can compose myself. 20 to 30 licks are enough. I go numb after that.

I should not be allowed to stand up. If I stand up, I should be warned that if I do it again, I will get extra licks. Two with the black slapper on my legs should get me to focus on staying in position.

7) A good paddling is one that while I am getting it I have trouble staying in position. I wiggle around, I stand up, I exclaim, etc. That behavior simply means I am getting what I want.

The paddling itself might be best represented by a discipline paddling by a HS Principal. Hard licks with good size paddle. They never gave warm-up licks. The adult version of such a paddling starts on a bare bottom.

fm285 Alpha Phi Omega

Not an unexpected result of a solid lick

Monday, October 13, 2014

How is sex a great lie detector?

by Alian de Botton

Involuntary physiological reactions such as the wetness of a vagina and the stiffness of a penis are emotionally so satisfying (which means, simultaneously, so erotic) because they signal a kind of approval that lies utterly beyond rational manipulation. Erections and lubrication simply cannot be effected by willpower and are therefore particularly true and honest indices of interest. In a world in which fake enthusiasms are rife, in which it is often hard to tell whether people really like us or whether they are being kind to us merely out of a sense of duty, the wet vagina and the stiff penis function as unambiguous agents of sincerity.

A kiss is pleasurable because of the sensory receptivity of our lips, but a good deal of our excitement has nothing to do with the physical dimension of the act: It stems from the simple realization that someone else likes us quite a lot.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Only 47 Days Left


That’s right, experts agree that it’s only 47 days until every spanking Tumblr site has 85% of every picture ever taken. Not the same pictures, but each with 85% of all pictures. It is expected that it will take another 945 days until the 95% threshold is reached. Stay tuned for updates as they happen.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

When Oh When

Will we ever get past women who no longer look like school girls dressed like school girls that I never saw so dressed when I was in school. There is no reality in this at all.

beyond tired of such

I am way beyond tired of spanking models dressed like this. How about you?

And while I am on, yet another, rant what about spanking in bathrooms? Whoever got spanked in a bathroom? Or a laundry room? Or a basement? Down to the furnace room, I am going to light your ass on fire.

  in the bath

Based on the door hinges, this must be a European bath. And the TP is located in position only a contortionists could reach. No personal items on cabinet top, so it must be a hotel. Yeah, I notice the little things. OH, the paddling. Well, he is roasted for sure. But, the picture looks posed for a still shot. Nice lingerie.

Monday, October 6, 2014

An Easy Day

Another from the vault by DME. She describes it from her POV.

z top shelf1

Sipping her gin and tonic, she wondered what he would do to her today. She had really been a good girl; hadn't screwed anyone, hadn't goofed off on the job, hadn't been particularly spiteful or sassy. My, I am getting to be one big bore, she thought. It did make her smile inwardly to remember the first time with him when she boldly told him to "eat shit" before the first stroke of the paddle. God, I'd never have that kind of nerve now; guess that's because I know what PAIN is. Almost as if he heard her thoughts, he stood and strolled over to her. "I think today we will work on submission issues. We've neglected that part of your training, I'm afraid. Here's the way it will be- no resistance, no refusals, and you might have some fun if you please me. The first glimmer of an attitude and I will paddle you without mercy, and then raise a crop of welts on your ass with the whip."   She wanted to submit to him and was relieved that there really wasn't a choice. No one could know how awkward it was to insist on being made to submit. Topping from the bottom, they called it.

When he reached down and clasped her arm, the first reflex was to pull away, or at least tighten up her muscles. But that would not be the best way to start this game. She allowed him to assist her to her feet and lead her to the bedroom. "Clothes off, and face down on the bed."  She complied, but slowly easing the lacy panties down just to be a tease. After she settled on the bed, he took out a thin limber switch. "No moving, no noise".  He began to lightly switch her legs, bottom, and back. It was only slightly stingy, and she relaxed a bit. Slowly he increased the intensity and continued to cover every inch of her. She noticed the strokes across her bottom were getting sharper than the rest. Soon she was having to squeeze a handful of the bedspread and bite her lip to stay quiet. The strokes began to lighten, and in a few minutes ceased. He stroked her and complimented her compliance. "Now I want you on your knees, ass in the air, and your nose on that bedspread. "  Assuming the embarrassing position, she begin to wish she had not wished for a lesson on submission.  Again he switched her and increased the intensity. When it was on the edge of causing her to squirm, he stopped and commanded her to spread her legs. Again he used the switch, but this time covering the inner thighs and landing the odd stroke deep in the crevices revealed. Again he led her to the edge of her control.

He left the room, but returned shortly. She could feel the fabulous sensation of a edge of an ice cube trailing along her now heated back. He slid the cooling ice all along the trails left by his switch. The feeling was a mix of cool, too cold, and delicious. He took his time. After anointing all the areas reddened and hot, he circled back to the tender areas. He touched the tight opening between her cheeks and was gratified to see her startled reaction. The ice was not more than a bit now and he slowly slipped it into her. He watched her struggle to maintain composure, and noticed that she was hot and wet.

He repositioned her on her back now. "Look at me." He knew she hated to have him watch her, and preferred to hide her eyes so that he could not gauge her reactions. But his dark eyes locked on hers. First the nipple clamps, and then his hand between her legs. Next the switch over her front and again between her legs. She had to concentrate so hard to stay still, and every now and then a whisper of a moan escaped. He couldn't wait to see how she would manage when he had placed the large butt plug and then applied the vibrator...